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Business-savvy Plano couple gives free industry advice


Susan Shapiro and her husband Jon have years of experience in building businesses and coaching entrepreneurs. Now, the Plano couple is dedicating their time to North Texas business owners for free. 

Watching news of the pandemic unfold, Susan knew she wanted to step in to save vulnerable businesses. 

“In mid-march, when COVID-19 hit and everything started closing down, my husband and I were worried about all the small businesses that are going to go under and the economic impact that would have around the country,” Shapiro said.

With the help of a LinkedIn group, Shapiro and her husband collected about 70 volunteers specializing in business consulting and mentorship. They named their organization Success in Kind. 

Best Kept Secret for Business Leaders


Want to know about one of the best kept secrets AND best resources for small business owners and business leaders in small to mid-size companies? Success in Kind! As part of my Negotiate Tough Times series, I interviewed co-founder Susan Shapiro about the initiative. Susan said that she and her husband and co-founder Jon, wanted to use their business knowledge and relationships to help small business owners save their business as a result of the economic downturn from Covid -19.

That concept grew from a simple desire to help, into a non-profit organization with 80 vetted volunteer experts.

Who is Success in Kind?

Success in Kind grew from a few executives to non-profit group of approximately 80 executives, consultants, mentors and coaches who care about supporting small-to-mid-sized businesses. 

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