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Success in Kind offers Pro-bono coaching during these trying times

What are the benefits of Coaching?

  1. We all need coping mechanisms, and stress reduction techniques. Personal and executive coaching can help you with those.

  2. People benefit from talking with a trained coach who listens deeply and can help you process your thoughts and turn those thoughts into awareness. Awareness may lead to new actions, decisions and clarity about your situation.

  3. Discussing with a coach what you can and cannot control can help you sort through the mess of uncertainty today. It also can help you move forward in a positive way.

  4. Be a better role model to your teams. Coaching can help you get a grip and therefore be a calmer role model to your teams.

  5. It can help you put this crisis in perspective and gain new perspectives on what is most important to you, your values, your strengths and needs.

  6. Talking with a coach can help us get unstuck and figure out a next step, a path forward, a small tiny movement in a positive direction.

  7. From a business perspective, coaching can translate into you taking important, well thought through steps towards either saving, revitalizing or pivoting your business.

How do you match me with a coach?

Based on your top concerns and topics, we pair you with an ICF certified coach who is skilled, professional, and wants to support you during these uncertain times. You will receive up to 4 hours of free coaching which will be conducted on the phone or video conference. All conversations will be kept confidential.

Where do I sign up?

Sign up by filling out our application to receive FREE support here

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