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What does In Kind Support really mean and why it’s relevant today

In-kind support refers to resources besides money. In-kind resources, or non-cash contributions, might be things you'd otherwise pay for, or they might be things that money just can't buy. When someone volunteers to give you a service, supplies, or free help, you're receiving in-kind support.

Our team of volunteers at Success in Kind not only are giving their time for free to those small to mid-sized businesses in need, but they are doing it, kindly. We know that the world has turned upside down for most businesses and the long-term economic forecast is very uncertain for you. You wonder where clients will come from, what products they may want, how to retool your business to capitalize on that demand.

So take advantage of our offer to assist you with plans for the future, how to grow business, create a new approach or strategy, pick up the pieces and move on in a positive way. Our coaches can be thought partners with you as you set goals and chart your way ahead. We will do it in a “Kind” way as well as offer it free.



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